Thursday, 24 September 2015

'Methy' Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

'Methy' Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

Ok, so you have arrived in Cyprus, perhaps for the first time and you go shopping. You are faced with a myriad of wine options in most shops.

Which are good, not so good?

Cyprus is generally a good wine producer especially if from the hillside/mountain areas due to the warm but moist climate there. It's the ideal growing conditions for grape vines and the earth is relatively unspoilt.

You can buy cartons of wine for 1 euro or less and with the local food (and chilled) it is actually 'ok' but be careful of the hangover. Generally you will spend 5-7 euros for a reasonable bottle and anything from Vassilkon or Vlasides Winery is a safe bet but of course, everyone's tastes are different.

In this article we want to focus on a particularly nice red for the more discerning wine drinker.

Perhaps you are having a bbq rich meats or have got a takeaway kleftico from one of the many sellers around Paphos who have their weekly offerings on different days. Best of all you have bought some simple fresh ingredients and made a lovely beef stifado. Which wine will really make the meal a treat?

May I introduce Methy Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Kathikas (just above Peyia) by Vassilikon Winery. It's their top end wine at the moment (their others are very palatable if you have a lower budget).

The CS grape is traditionally one the Cypriots do best and goes with many of their local dishes. The bottle is very classy (particularly the melted wax over the cork) as is the silky smooth taste. You can chill it for summer if you are afraid of a 'big red' in the heat and generally one bottle savoured with food will do 2 people such is the rich quality. Its a real flagship for Cyprus wine in our opinion and well worth trying.

Where do I get it?

Most of the larger supermarkets will have it as well as 'Cava' wine stores but prices can vary. Expect to pay between 13 and 17 euros (not much more over £10 which is the price of a mass produced inferior red in the UK). If in a restaurant, you will pay 25 euros or more but I have found this is something that can be negotiated on and reduced if you order enough food (again what do you get for £18 in a UK restaurant).

Please contact us for places that stock it and we will be happy to advise and of course we have restaurant discounts for our customers.

We recommend a visit to the winery anyway. You can have lunch there and taste all the wines. You can also get the wine at wholesale rates and combine with others for better value overall.

We also have a very nice villa with private pool in Kathikas which is walking distance to the winery. See Villa Constanteras

Happy drinking and please give us your feedback. :-)

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